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Information from the Hermitage Friends' Club

Published 20 March 2020

Dear Friends,

We would like to inform you that from 18 March 2020 on, the State Hermitage Museum is suspending visitor admission to its premises until further notice on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation No363 from 17 March 2020.

The Hermitage Friends’ office at the Komendantsky entrance to the Winter Palace is closed, and all contacts are shifting online. Should you have any questions, please contact us at and, and we will be happy to provide information concerning the operations of the Hermitage Friends' Club.

As soon as the Museum is ready to open its doors again, we will immediately contact you.

The Hermitage however is continuing to perform its basic functions in the preservation and study of the world’s cultural heritage. Access to the museum collections will be provided by a broad programme of online broadcasts from the museum halls and exhibitions, including those already prepared for the opening, screenings of films, programmes and lectures about the Hermitage.

Thus, already on the 20th of March, 2020 at 15.00 we are streaming the online curatorial tour of the exhibition In Memory of Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich. Items from the Collection Donated to the Hermitage, and the next week – tour of the coming exhibition Creativity and Daydream. Korean Eye 2020: Contemporary Korean Art.

You can follow our activities at the museum’s official web resources ( and others), where the most up-to-date information will be published, as well as watch our online broadcasts on the website and on Youtube.

You can read the General Director of the State Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky’s address to the staff of the museum in connection with Order No91 of 17 March 2020 on the temporary suspension of the admission of visitors here

Together we will overcome all difficulties!

Take care of yourselves.

With the best wishes,

International Hermitage Friends' Club