The State Hermitage
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Your support is vital for the museum to fulfill its mission to share his collection with the world. Hermitage relies on funding from a variety of sources, and there are many ways to donate to help provide the care and preservation of collections for future generations.
07 October 2020
Sber is supporting the development of the Hermitage Academy
In October 2020, the State Hermitage and Sber [the new brand name for Sberbank] are launching a new programme of collaboration – a project for the development of the Hermitage Academy multimedia platform that brings together all the museum’s public education resources.
21 September 2020
“Lk 15, 11–32. Rembrandt. Dedication, Alexander Sokurov.” Opening of the exhibition
On 15 September 2020, the exhibition “Lk 15, 11–32. Rembrandt. Dedication, Alexander Sokurov” opened in the State Hermitage.
21 September 2020
The Hermitage under a Magnifying Glass
The State Hermitage and the company ArtClub BV present the project “ Hermitage under a Magnifying Glass” which is destined to become an important milestone in the introduction of 3D models of artworks into the work of museums.
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