Individual Memberships in the Hermitage Friends’ Club

  • "Being a member of the Hermitage Friends’ Club for more than 10 years makes me feel like a full participant in the Museum’s cultural life. The entrance to the museum without waiting in line, visiting traditional meetings organized exclusively for the Hermitage Friends, participation in the openings of all significant exhibitions and events, meetings with the very people who create contemporary art and preserve the great heritage of the past – this is just a small part of the package of benefits that comes with being a Hermitage Friend. I especially appreciate the Friends’ Club staff, their attitude toward each participant, their enthusiasm for work and their high problem solving skills. I wish the Club further prosperity, fruitful development, bright events and new members."
    Zhanna Shevtsova
    Zhanna Shevtsova
    President of Foundation for Support of Cultural Initiatives “Tradition”
  • "The word “museum” is too weak to describe The Hermitage. Its palaces and halls are instead like a capital city of art. The Winter Palace was designed as an imperial residence, and it long served that purpose. Even now, when the Hermitage Friends meet in the Winter Palace, the palace feels more like a grand home than a museum. With the tables in the entrance hall piled high with food, with a string quartet playing on the grand staircase, with a party in full progress, and with children running and playing in the vast halls, you can see that the building was designed for this kind of event.
    The Fulbright Exchange Program sent me to teach in Saint Petersburg State University in 2004. When I applied for a grant, people in Washington DC first kindly asked me what I wanted, and I replied that I wanted to retire in America and spend the rest of my life in the art museum, the opera, and the ballet. “Leave it to us,” they said, and they sent me here. I then settled here, and I still teach at the university. I feel very lucky."
    John Taylor
    John Taylor
  • "When, more than 20 years ago, I saw the announcement of the convocation of the Hermitage Friends Club in one of the St. Petersburg newspapers, suddenly it dawned upon me that this is my bag, because the Hermitage for me has always been a special place as a personification and quintessence of the beloved City. So I was among a handful of lucky founders of this wonderful community. For many years of membership in the Club and communication with its remarkable staff, the Hermitage has become like a home for me, where I always come with some kind of solemn joy in my heart. True, in the endless museum corridors I still can get lost, but it's also a joy - the Hermitage cannot be learned by heart, it's a whole life challenge."
    Susanne Brammerloh
    Susanne Brammerloh
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The State Hermitage Museum invites you to participate in its special international program – The Hermitage Friends’ Club. Any private individual who has made a donation to one of the museum’s development projects is entitled to become a Friend of the Hermitage.

The following Membership Levels are offered depending on the sum of your donation made to the account of the State Hermitage Museum for the implementation of a specific program (project):


Amount Program participants
ONLINE 500 RUB single access to online events and mailings
Individual            8 000 RUB card holder

15 000 RUB

one family (two adults and children of pre-/school age)


25 000 RUB card holder with one guest
Fellow  50 000 RUB card holder with two guests


150 000 RUB

card holder with four guests




Donations from non-residents of the Russian Federation can be made by a non-cash payment (bank card).

The "Hermitage Friends' Club" Special Programme

All memberships are renewable annually.

Anyone who wishes to join the Hermitage Friends’ Club can do so either online, or directly in the museum at the Friends’ Office. Here you can also pick up your personal card after joining the Friends’ Club online. 

The personal membership card

All Hermitage Friends, except for the Online category, receive personal membership cards of the Hermitage Friends’ Club.

Personal Membership Card entitles its holder, according to the Membership Level chosen, to participate in the special program of visiting temporary exhibitions of the State Hermitage Museum, including the permanent displays and the Hermitage centers (St. Petersburg, Kazan, Vyborg and others).

Card holders receive invitations to special events organized exclusively for the Hermitage Friends.

For Fellow Members and Patrons, the Hermitage Friends’ Club organizes a special tour of the museum or one of the Treasure Galleries (Diamond Room or Gold Room).

For Joint Members, Fellows and Patrons, additional events are organized.

Card holders are welcome to enter the Museum from the Komendantsky entrance of the Winter Palace, where they can use the cloakroom.

Benefits for Hermitage Friends from our partners

  • The Official Hotel of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg

    191119 St. Petersburg, Russia
    10 Ulitsa Pravdy

    Tel: +7 (812) 777-98-10
    Fax: +7 (812) 777-98-11


    Privileges available to members of the Hermitage Friends’ Club:

    • 20% discount on direct bookings of up to 5 rooms, and 20% off your bills in the Catherine the Great and Michelangelo restaurants and the Lobby Bar
    • over 20% discount for bookings of 6 or more rooms (exact figure subject to individual agreement)
    • free room upgrades when available

    Discount is given to Hermitage Friends’ Club members only when booking through the Official Hermitage Hotel website To receive the discount you must present a personal membership card of the Hermitage Friends’ Club when checking in.

  • ALROSA Jewellery Group

    2, Shkadova street, Smolensk, 214031 Russia
    Tel.: +7 (4812) 61-11-78, fax: +7 (4812) 62-26-94


    Privileges provided to Hermitage Friends’ Club members when buying jewellery in the official boutiques of the Smolensk Diamonds group:

    • 7% discount on presenting a personal Hermitage Friends’ Club membership card and photo identification
    • 10% discount on presenting a personal gold Hermitage Friends’ Club membership card and photo identification
  • The Hermitage Museum shops

    +7(812)7109676 (administrator)

    The State Hermitage Museum
    Dvortsovaya Embankment, 34 

    The General Staff Building
    6/8, Dvortsovaya Square

    Menshikov Palace
    15, Universitetskaya Embankment

    Privileges provided to Hermitage Friends’ Club members when buying in the Hermitage Museum shops located in the Winter Palace, the General Staff building and the Menshikov Palace:

    • 20% discount on the majority of items;
    • 10% discount on jewelry, Alpha factory products, amber dishes, and marble sculpture.
    Discounts do not apply to the following products: stonecutting miniature, exclusive jewelry, IPM sculpture, bronze sculpture, Tolstoy medallions, GE catalogs and books, foreign publishers' books, Nautilus cups, items from Tsarskoye Selo Amber.

    To obtain the privileges, you must present a personal Hermitage Friends’ Club membership card.

Anyone who wishes to join the Hermitage Friends’ Club can do so directly in the museum by contacting the Friends’ Office, or do it online on our website.
Individual Membership
Contact information

Hermitage Friends' office: Komendantsky entrance to the Winter Palace, from the Palace Square side. Friends' office is open for visitors Tuesday to Thursday from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm, on Friday –from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm. If you wish to pick up your card outside the office hours or on weekends, please call for instructions.

Tel.: +7 (812) 710 9005 (Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm)