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Restoration of Love Scene, the Painting by Giulio Romano (Giulio Pippi)

Love Scene is mentioned by Giorgio Vasari in his famous Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects among other paintings by Giulio Romano. The work occupies a worthy place in the museum’s display and the erotic nature of the subject arouses great interest among visitors. We know that the picture came into the Hermitage in 1782, acquired from T. Jenkins in London.

The painting has been transferred from a wooden panel to canvas. The part of the panel on which the two heads were painted was sawn away before the transfer to canvas and later returned. The three large cuts were patched over with crude plasters. In evidence were numerous traces of past damage to the support and abrasions; stiff, raised craquelure; numerous extensive old retouchings that had changed in colour, texture and tone; blurring and abrasions of the painting in separate areas.

The restoration project calls for the following measures:

  • preparation of restoration documentation;
  • photographic recording of the exhibit at all stages of the restoration process;
  • carrying out technical examination;
  • removal of soiling;
  • reinforcement of the paint layer and the transfer primer;
  • elimination of deformations;
  • regeneration of the layer of varnish;
  • development of a method for the removal of later accretions;
  • removal of the extensive old retouchings;
  • making good the losses (retouching);
  • covering the painting with fresh varnish.

The restoration measures will be overseen by Victor Anatolyevich Korobov, head of the State Hermitage’s Laboratory for the Scientific Restoration of Easel Paintings and Tatiana Kirillovna Kustodieva, keeper of the Italian Renaissance collection in the State Hermitage, supervisor of the project.

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