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Italian Friends of the Hermitage

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Association of the Friends of the Hermitage Museum (Italy) was founded in Florence on 4 July, 2012. The main goal of the new organization is to promote and strengthen cultural exchange between Italy and Russia. The Association is committed to supporting the State Hermitage Museum both in St. Petersburg and worldwide, contributing to the popularization of the museum’s history and rich collections through publications, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and tour programs.


In 2012, the Association contributed to the publication of Imperial Portraits and Profiles in the Antique Manner. Sculpture of Quattrocento at the Museum Stefano Bardini by Antonella Nesi, Director of the Bardini Museum. In 2013, the Italian Friends organized several conferences in Florence, and started a new campaign to raise funds for the restoration of two large paintings that had suffered from the earthquake in the Emilia region.

Thanks to the Italian Friends, after the exhibition of Italian sculptor Quinto Martini that opened at the Hermitage on 24 May, 2013, five sculptures of the Tuscan master were donated to the State Hermitage Museum. And in October 2013 the Association hosted the III International Hermitage Friends’ Conference that brought together heads and executives of all Hermitage Friends’ organizations from around the world.

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