The State Hermitage
Director's words
Your support is vital for the museum to fulfill its mission to share his collection with the world. Hermitage relies on funding from a variety of sources, and there are many ways to donate to help provide the care and preservation of collections for future generations.
09 November 2020
Online Meeting of the Heads of Hermitage Foundations and Friends’ Organizations
On November 3 2020, the international meeting of the Heads of Hermitage Foundations and Friends’ organizations took place in the format of an online conference.
01 November 2020
Information for the Hermitage Friends' Club Members
We are glad to inform you that starting from November 3, 2020 the State Hermitage Museum is making changes to the working hours of the Main Museum Complex and the General Staff building.
29 October 2020
Virtual Ceremony Devoted to a Joint Project for the Restoration of School of Raphael Frescoes
On 28 October 2020, a virtual ceremony was held that was devoted to a joint project for the restoration of School of Raphael frescoes in the Hermitage collection.
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