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Thank You to Sponsors and Patrons

Published 01 June 2020

We would like to thank our sponsors and patrons for their support and propose some new projects dictated by the challenges of the present moment. 

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Hermitage has been obliged to stop receiving visitors. This means that the Hermitage has lost, on the one hand, practically half of its budget and, on the other, the opportunity to fulfil its mission of making the great museum’s collections accessible. 

Our work was rapidly and fairly efficiently transferred online: making maximum use of Internet resources, including social networks, we are putting out films about our stocks and making live broadcasts. We are being assisted in this endeavour both by our permanent partners, such as the Shell, the Gedeon Richter company and the MaximiliaN London jewellery house, and new ones – the SMP Bank. We are delighted to thank them in response and to widely publicize their support. 

Visitors numbers for the Hermitage’s Internet resources have increased enormously during the quarantine and in two months of isolation have reached 13 million visits, many times the number of people who physically come to the museum in a year. 

Sadly, the quarantine measures are continuing, but so are our efforts on the website and in social media. 

We will be pleased to welcome new partners. You will find our Contact details on our page of the museum website. 

Yours as always, The Hermitage Friends’ Club!