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Meeting of the Hermitage Friends’ Club

Published 27 February 2020

On 25 February 2020, a special evening visit to the exhibition “Works by Peter Сlodt. Restoration Completed” was organized for individual members of the Hermitage Friends’ Club.

In the Field Marshals’ Hall of the Winter Palace, Svetlana Filippova, head of the International Hermitage Friends’ Club, greeted the evening’s guests and thanked all the individual Friends of the museum for their financial support for the restoration of the two central exhibits – tinted plaster figurines of horses made by the celebrated sculptor Peter Clodt to a commission from Emperor Nicholas I.

Then the curators, Liudmila Shatilova, researcher and keeper of harness and decorative riding tackle in the Department of Western European Applied Art, and Alexandra Bogdanova, an artist-restorer in the Laboratory for the Scientific Restoration of Sculpture and Semiprecious Stone, introduced the Friends to the recently opened exhibition, telling them about the history of these exhibits and about the complicated restoration process that took five years to complete. At the end of the presentation, the guests viewed the display with interest, particularly the central exhibits – small sculptures of The English Stallion Middleton and The English Farm Horse, the funds for the restoration of which were gathered thanks to individual members of the Hermitage Friends’ Club.

We invite all those who wish to become members of the Hermitage Friends’ Club but have not yet done so, to join its ranks and enjoy the opportunity to participate in gatherings of this sort.

Detailed information about how to join the Hermitage Friends’ Club can be obtained on the web page
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