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Gift to the State Hermitage from the company Max Mara

Published 26 February 2020

On 25 February 2020, the Council Hall was the venue for a meeting devoted to the prospects for collaboration between the State Hermitage and the company Max Mara and the formal presentation to the museum of two Max Mara overcoats.

The meeting was opened by Svetlana Adaksina, Deputy General Director and Chief Curator of the State Hermitage: “Today is a notable day, when we are receiving as a gift two remarkable items from the world-renowned company Max Mara. This gift is particularly precious to us because the State Hermitage’s costume collection is one of our museum’s best and most exceptional collections. Our collaboration is only beginning, and I hope that it will be successful and these famous models that we are receiving into the Hermitage collection today will occupy a worthy place among the other exhibits.”

“We are very proud that the Hermitage is accepting into its stocks two items that represent 70 years of work by our company. It was founded by Achille Maramotti in 1951 and his idea was to produce ordinary clothing for ordinary women. And throughout the 70 years, all the staff of Max Mara have been working to combine that idea with the philosophy of haute couture. Of course, our products can be found in different major collections around the world, but the Hermitage’s collection is one of the most outstanding. And I am very excited by the fact that pieces on the design of which I have worked will now be kept in the same collection as Rembrandt. I hope that this will become the start of long and fruitful collaboration,” Ian Griffiths, Max Mara’s creative director, said.

The Max Mara company presented two overcoats to the Hermitage: model 101 801 Madame and model 101 61 366 TeddyMadame is a double-breasted camel-colour overcoat, a classic model that has remained unchanged since 1981.

The Teddy coat, which first appeared in the 1980s, was rediscovered by Ian Griffiths after his work in the firm’s archives. To produce this model, the company recreated the technology of producing artificial fur from camel hair.